The SIRIUS Chair produces research work in the form of scientific communications in international colloquiums or symposiums, books or articles published in international peer-reviewed journals, analytical notes that it publishes regularly, theses or dissertations.

Work in Progress

The SIRIUS Chair team regularly conducts several research projects simultaneously. You can get a glimpse at the on-going work in progress in that section.

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Scientific communications

Through various conferences, the voice of the SIRIUS Chair is regularly communicating to share its vision of space.

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Research papers and Articles

Our members often publish articles in different journals in order to share the results of our work.

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Members and collaborators of the SIRIUS Chair are regularly writing and publishing new research work.

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Students’ works

The SIRIUS Chair students are writing research papers and PhDs. You can access to these of the Toulouse Business School or Aerospace MBA which have been defended since 2013.

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Since its creation, the SIRIUS Chair has regularly welcomed doctoral students enrolled in doctoral schools at the Toulouse university site or in co-supervision with other universities, whose work it is funding or co-funding.

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Space Legaltech

SPACE LEGALTECH is the first global legal research platform dedicated to space law. It provides access to all space legislation and regulations around the world through an interactive map.

Discover the new version of the online platform, developed in cooperation with PWC.

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SPATIONARY  is  your entry door to the fascinating world of space law terminology and concepts, with a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information on both commercial developments and technological trends relevant to space law.

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