SIRIUS SPACE TALKS'24, the 11th CONFERENCE ON SPACE, BUSINESS AND LAW will take place in Toulouse on June 21, 2024.

The theme of this year's event is: "Sustainability for Space, Sustainability in Space, Sustainability from Space".


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For remote participation, please contact marie.merli@ut-capitole.fr

Photo of the full-size model of Ariane 5 at the Paris Air Show – © Michel Petit https://www.flickr.com/photos/couscouschocolat/5873411761/in/photostream/

The SIRIUS Chair is the first international research chair dedicated to the law and management of activities in the space sector

SIRIUS deals with the entire range of regulatory, institutional, economic and management issues raised by the generalization of the social uses of satellites, the opening up of space activities to the competition and the development of commercial applications of space technologies. This is a new approach to space activities, focusing on the latest trends and resolutely oriented toward addressing the needs of industry.


Space Legaltech

Space Legaltech gathers in a unique web portal all of national laws as well as the latest news of spatial agencies. 

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The Spationary is a unique resource meant to be your entry door to the fascinating world of space law terminology and concepts. It provides its reader with a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information on both commercial developments and technological trends relevant to space law.

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New article published in "The Space Review"

Lucien and Paul Rapp write an article entitled "Financing space-derived data as commodities" which deals with the development of a service industry using data from space.

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Michel Condé and Valentin Miramont receive the SIRIUS 2023 Prize for their work!

The two students received this prestigious award for their respective research work, carried out as part of the TBS Specialized Master's program dédicated to the "Management of Technological Innovation".

- Michel Condé for his professional thesis (in French): "Le New Space en Europe et en France : le lanceur réutilisable, une analyse des défis et des opportunités"

- Valentin Miramont for his professional thesis (in French): "Apport des sciences cognitives sur le management de projet, le cas des projets complexes".



"Space Activities and European Green Taxonomy"

The SIRIUS Chair (Prof. Lucien Rapp, Scientific Director and Gabrielle Leterre, PhD, University of Luxembourg and Research Associate) produced a report at CNES's request, giving a detailed overview of the situation of space activities with regard to European texts currently in force, and formulating five proposals. This report will soon be released.

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The 3rd Assises du New Space event will be held at Paris La Défense from June 25 to 26, 2024!

The next Assises du NewSpace (the SIRIUS Chair has been a member of the organizing collective since the first edition), the largest annual meeting of the industry, will take place this year on June 25th and 26th at CNIT La Defense. On the initiative of the SIRIUS Chair, the Assises du NewSpace will welcome the Chief Economist of NASA.

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The mission of the SIRIUS Chair is to build up a pool of skills in law and management at the service of the European Space industry.

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The activities of the SIRIUS Chair revolve around three main axes: Research (theses, dissertations, articles, notes and books), Training (teaching and seminars), Dissemination and Promotion (Colloquia, Communications, Conferences).

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The SIRIUS Chair team is made up of professors, doctoral students and research assistants. It brings together law and management experts.

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The SIRIUS Chair is based in Toulouse, in the heart of the European capital of the aerospace sector. It has established a prestigious academic and institutional network in France and internationally.

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research topics

Current Research Topics

The SIRIUS Chair favors a "micro" approach as opposed to a "macro" approach. Its work focuses on space companies and the space industrial ecosystem, which is not incompatible with a reflection on the international governance of space activities and its current shortcomings. We use to call on the complementary skills, particularly technical, that we need from the laboratories of the Toulouse university site, as needed.

  • Deep tech and disruptive space technologies
  • Space activities market
  • Strategies of companies in the space sector
  • Corporate financing and space project financing
  • International Governance of Space and Space Activities
  • Space laws and regulations
  • Space policies and international cooperation
  • Economic impact of the space industry
  • Space, Debris and Climate
  • Resources and commercial exploitation of space
  • Space insurance
  • Space exploration and expeditions
  • Space contracts
  • International Space Treaties, Multilateralism and the Principle of Reciprocity
  • Sector and space industries

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SIRIUS TALKS'24 : Sustainability for Space, Sustainability in Space, Sustainability from Space

TOULOUSE, June 21st, 2024


The leading French event dedicated to NewSpace, bringing together over 1,000 participants, including more than 70 innovative space start-ups.

Third edition of the French "Assises du New Space"